Monday, 30 September 2013

Bright Owls

Size:  40" x 44"
Flannel Strip Rag Quilt
This quilt is made with 6" strips of flannel and 1/2" seam allowances stitched twice, then clipped every 1/4" or so, and then washed and dried to cause to "rag".  The middle layer is this adorable house print by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit, Westminster Fibers.  It can only be seen through the yellow when the quilt is held up to the light but the colours show in the rag edges throughout.
I used exactly the same fabrics on the back as the front:
Bright Owl Allover Flannel, Springs Creative
Sky Blue Cotton Candy Flannel, Blank Quilting
Tiny Safari Stripe Flannel, Wilmington Prints
Yellow Shadow Play Flannel, Maywood Studio

Happy Quilting!


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