Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pockets To Go

My niece, Lily, is turning 2 in October and I've just finished making bedding for her room.  This Pockets To Go cube was made with some of the leftovers.  The pattern is by Atkinson Designs and measures 6" x 6" x 5.5".

Stuffed Monkey

Stuffed Monkey from the Yo-Yo Monkey pattern by Indygo Junction.  Size:  16" approximately.  He needs a name.  Any suggestions?

Baby Steps

Baby Steps pattern by Designs to Share with You.  Size 36.5" x 48.5" (Sorry the photo isn't the best)  This is a quick, easy & fun pattern that is beginner friendly.

Sidekick Sling

Sidekick Sling pattern by Betz White. 
Finished Size:  12" x 12" x 2"