Sunday, 7 December 2014

Serge & Sew Colour of the Month - December

Serge & Sew's Colour of the Month - December - Gold

I chose to make some ornaments this month with my fabric.   First. I had some wooden stars (Carved Ornament by Celebrate It) which I traced onto freezer paper and used to cut out my fabric.  I removed their hangers, then glued the fabric onto the wood using Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue.  I did one side, let it completely dry, then did the other.  On the front side, I cut back the size of the star some to match the bevelling of the wood.  I replaced the hangers and was done - quick & easy, if you don't count the drying time.

Front & back:

I got the embellishment made through a local Etsy shop Flouster.  It's actually a dog tag but you can customize any wording you want and pick your font too!  I know a few people who can hang it year round in their studios :).  The actual ornament is one from a collection in the project A Bit of Cheer at, the Variable Star Ornament but instead of binding it, I turned it and added the eyelet for the hanger.  I did have issues with the eyelet on one but from the front it looks fine (it didn't catch the back layer of fabric) so I decided to leave it as is rather than trying to remove it & replace it.

Happy Quilting!


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